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Nene Valley Railway, Wansford Station, Stibbington, Peterborough, PE8 6LR

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May 2018

11th April 2018.  

At last it’s warm enough to think.  And it’s just as well because another big step in the project has been complete - wheels and bogie have been taken out from underneath the main frames. Careful preparation meant that, with help from NVR staff fitters, the operation was completed in a single day.

John wood has produced a time-lapse video sequence of the operation that can be seen on YouTube at https://youtu.be/AXpL4EE-Mhs.

This is, of course, the gateway to a whole series of next steps, the wheels can be cleaned and bearings inspected, the bogie can be dismantled and components overhauled and the loco frames can be cleaned, needle-gunned and repainted.

Parts removed count:


Last-minute check to confirm there’s space for the wheels to come out

A tight squeeze but out they come. Leading drivers first.

Squashed together on the floor.  We’ll need to lift them out one at a time to work on them.  Note all the motion parts carefully covered on the floor, they’ve been quietly taken down through the cold spell.

Job done! - one happy fitter

Frames carefully mounted on sleeper trestle.  Safe for 2 years at least.

March 2018

18th April 2018.  

The motion team (Paul Reeson & co) have been continuing work on the cylinders and piston valves and are removing covers from the rear ends.

A new team has been established to work on the bogie, the first task is to remove a large amount of greasy muck, then the bogie can be dismantled into component parts and they can be checked to identify any needing fitter’s attention.  It’s known that the wheels (tyres) need re-profiling and a consultant has been engaged to inspect the roller bearings.


Parts removed count:


Paul steadies the RHS rear cover as Ian operates the 10-ton overhead crane.

Bogie team get stuck in, cardboard on the floor to catch their debris.