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Nene Valley Railway, Wansford Station, Stibbington, Peterborough, PE8 6LR

Tel: 01780 784444

December 2020

November 2020

A second lockdown has slowed progress again. But in some areas work does continue.   At the rear of the chassis, the replacement buffing plates have been assembled and trial-fitted with bolts.

Painting continues between the frames and medium-size components are being dealt with in advance of fitting.

Work has started overhauling and reassembling the sanders.  Two sandboxes, a leading one mounted low down in the frames supplies sand in front of the leading driving wheels.  The second, larger box supplies sand to either side of the centre drivers, for use when travelling forwards or backwards.

The front buffers are into the workshop for cleaning and evaluation.

Frame cross-stays are painted and new hardened bushes have been inserted.  The stays will be fitted across the frames soon, although it is convenient for the paint crew to leave them to one side for the time being.

Parts removed:


Parts refitted:


Right-hand rear buffing plate in-situ

Frame cross-stays.  These are the pre-existing stays that have been stripped and repainted and fitted with new bushes.   All of these were rusted in place and afforded no movement in service.

A sixth stay, from behind the rear axle, was so corroded that a new one was fabricated, using the exsting end-parts and new t-section made up from steel plate.

The new pins made to connect the stays to the horn liners have been fitted with grease nipples and grooves to allow lubrication.

Looking forward between the frames.  In the middle distance, the balls that rest on the bogie can be seen in primer - this will be removed before the bogie is added. Between the balls is the mount for the locating pin which keeps the bogie and main frames aligned.   The paint is the first coat of Post Office Red - very bright!

October 2020