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Nene Valley Railway, Wansford Station, Stibbington, Peterborough, PE8 6LR

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August 2017

7th September 2017.  

Work continues on the boiler.  Many volunteer hours have been spent needle-gunning the flaking rust away from the boiler and firebox outer surfaces.  The firebox end of the small tubes have all had their ends burned off. After some discussion it’s been decided to leave the steampipe in place for the time being - it’s likely to be damaged on removal (the smokebox end is expanded into the tubeplate).

Inside the workshop a start has been made on removing the motion - valve gear, connecting and coupling rods all have to come off and all bearing surfaces measured and inspected for wear.

Also on the chassis, the necessary cleaning has begun, removing the debris from the earlier work towards getting the boiler off.  And we’ve started tagging the few remaining sections of pipework prior to removing them.  It’s easier to describe where they go to/from before the come off.

At the left-hand side can be seen a tube-plug.  This tube was leaking in service and a plug fitted at each end (the screwed rod reaches all the way through the boiler).

Left-hand rods off and journals wrapped in protective tape.

Centre driver crankpin. Not perfect but no catastrophic marks

The view from the footplate. The two pads on which the boiler rests can be seen in the foreground. The rear axle, encased in the roller-bearing cannon box is in the centre of the picture and beyond that the sandbox fillers are prominent sticking out of each side.  All very grubby.

21st September 2017.  

Work again continues on the boiler.  At last, we’re seeing the end of the flaking rust.  Some tubes have been cut free at the firebox end. One of the flue tubes has been cut out in sections, this approach is slow and will get more difficult as we get deeper into the boiler.

Inside the workshop motion disassembly continues - slowly so to permit time for careful measurement as each part is removed.

On the chassis, the brake rigging is taken off and stored for cleanup and overhaul.  Part of the sanding gear is off and the cylinder drain cocks have been re moved.

The air pump removed from the loco has been set up on a frame and will be cleaned up and operation checked on air.

In the paint room, the drawing chest has been examined and a number of 73050 drawing identified.  At present these are stored rolled up and we plan to flatten them, to make for easier access.

The second container is now up and running.

Rods laid out neatly, tagged, logged and measured.

Brake Hangers

Brake Hangers

Brake Pins and Blocks

Boiler putting brave face on things.  Dressed up for a ‘Thomas’ day.

The smile won’t last long, thickness measurements suggest that new barrel plates will be needed for both taper and parallel sections.

October 2017